first post

November 19, 2009

alright, i finally have time to set up a new blog! not because i wanna abandon my old blogdrive, but china blocked blogdrive and blogspot together with facebook *boohoo* there goes my restaurant city and bejeweled.. i don’t know if its a good thing that i still receive updates on my yahoo mail.. ~can see but cannot touch~

anyway for my first post, unfortunately I have a bad news.. was chatting on msn with edward when he told me an NUS physics lecturer had died after a gym workout.. and he turned out to be my year 1 physics tutor dr roland su! *gasp* well, i dunno what the world’s become.. sudden deaths everywhere.. read more about it here.

On a lighter note, let me update my life here.. work starts at 9am *yay* i wake up at 8am everyday, with at least 8 hours sleep.. but i dunno why i still keep yawning oops.. and wake up with tired eyes, aching shoulders S= lousy pillows! other than no internet at home, everything is fine so far.. heater is working, i still sleep in t shirt & shorts muahaha.. work wise, (as u can see i am blogging during office hours, but hey i only have internet during office hours anyway).. once in a while when the emails start pouring in then i have to translate or melvin la.. so far its the many many kacang puteh things that made me busy.. more or less cleared them, so i have more time now..

actually i am supposed to be updating my resume.. because…. our project is a joint venture between SSTEC (sino-singapore tianjin eco-city), a jap company and us.. and the jap company want to know our “strength”.. so i have to beautify my resume.. hmmm.. other than EMILY, WILKIE & SHELFORD dun seem to have won many awards.. lalala

wow i really can go on and on hor? haha deprived of EXPRESSIONS.. in ENGLISH! haha.. oh ya let me talk about the corny name i thought of.. 新天地, hey it is meaningful ok? 新for新加坡,天for天津and 新天地 for new horizons! smart eh? *claps*

okok, i better cut my crap and do my resume before melvin comes after me~ later 2pm got meeting at SSTEC, which is a whole 43km away (from the expressway), so it is like, longer than the width of singapore…

till tomorrow guys~


Hello world!

November 19, 2009

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